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At Ewize we understand how search engines work and how to improve your website rankings. Our efforts involve both optimizing your all your web pages and submittal/resubmittal of the website to search engines on a programmed basis.

Send us your current web address and we’ll examine your site and discuss our findings with you. We don’t try to hoodwink you with $25.00 ‘one-time’ offers nor do we charge thousands of dollars like the high-end SEO (search engine optimization) companies.

Pay-Per-Click Promotion

Using Pay-Per-Click program, your website can gain the top position on search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN for a given keyword(s). You just have to be willing to pay a set fee each time a visitor clicks on your sponsored keyword(s) link to your website. These types of systems are growing in use, but can be daunting to understand…and risky to operate [for your advertising budget] if you’re not careful with their management. We can help you setup such accounts and provide advice on how to best use them.

Press Releases

Think this is just for the big companies with advertising consultants? The web is a great equalizer. How about getting your new product announcement well placed on the web for thousands or millions to see.

Emailing Blasts

We hate spam as much as anyone. But we don’t mind getting news of sales and events from companies with whom we do business. You, too, can get your message in front of your customers on a regular basis for pennies per email.

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